Facebook App Center Screenshots Leaked

Facebook announced App Center about a month ago, and it said that app center will launch in the coming weeks. The launch day of app center may be near, as some users are already have access to it from their iPhone. TechCrunch got app center screenshots from an user who had access to the app center on his iOS device.

Facebook won’t compete with Apple appstore or Google Play store, but it will highlight the social apps for you based on your social feed and from friends recommendations. The apps should use the Facebook integration to show off in the app center, last month Facebook requested developers to submit images and other details to consider apps for app center.

The screenshots reveal that the app center added to the Facebook mobile left navigation bar, just above the Chat. You can navigate through the apps to see the top apps and what your friends have installed. Clicking on an app will reveal your friends who have already installed that particular app.

Facebook mobile app is already crowded with so many features, I am sure many of you won’t use all those things. Now the app center will also sit there. We don’t need yet another Facebook standalone app either, Facebook already have other standalone apps including Facebook Messenger and Camera app.