Facebook is rolling out ‘Facebook Card’ for offline gifts

Facebook is rolling out a physical gift card dubbed as “Facebook Card” for offline gift giving to friends. Facebook Card is a real world gift card where in you can add multiple gift balances to different retailers. Facebook is expanding it’s Gifts platform with this new offering, it will also serve as a new revenue stream for Facebook.


When you want to send a gift to your friend you can select a gift from Facebook gifts category and a retailer. Your friends will be notified and with in a few days he / she will receive a Facebook Card, you friend can use the card to pay at the selected retailer for the gift you selected.

What’s more once you or your friend receive a Facebook Card it can be re used for collecting and buying gifts. Facebook Card can be managed online with your account credentials. Each Facebook Card can hold different gift balances for different retailers.

Facebook Card is slowly rolling out to people in US in the coming weeks.