Facebook Pages Manager App for iPhone

Facebook is releasing another for iPhone users, Facebook Pages Manager app for iPhone makes it easy for users to manage their pages from the iPhone. The app is currently available only from Australian iTunes store and is not available in US.

Facebook app for iPhone didn’t allow page managers to manage their pages, pages can be manager through web interface previously but with the new app age admins can now manage their pages from their mobiles. Facebook is following the strategy of giving separate apps for different purposes, instead of integrating everything into the main app. Facebook Messenger is another app that is released solely for messaging.

Pages Manager app provides notifications of new activity on the page, you can respond, post and comment on the page using the app. You can also view all your page insights, you can see the reach and engaged users of your brand pages. If you have more than one Facebook page, you can manage all those pages from this app. It is not clear whether Facebook will release an app for Android as well or not, no news of iPad app either.

iTunes Facebook Pages Manager, Via 9to5 Mac