Facebook Phone is made by HTC and will debut in mid-2013

Facebook Phone rumors are not new, we have been hearing these rumors from quite some time. The fresh report about Facebook phone came from Bloomberg, it reports that the rumored phone is made by Taiwanese phone maker HTC and will debut in the mid-2013.

Facebook phone is earlier rumored to be released this year end but now the report claims that the development of the phone is delayed because HTC has to devote it’s resources to other products in its portfolio. Facebook phone will carry customized Android version of the OS when it comes to the market.

The report also sheds some light on the revamp of the Facebook app for iPhone, we already know that Facebook is working to launch a new native app of Facebook on iOS. The current Facebook app on iOS is very slow with lot of feature clutter. Users are not happy with Facebook experience on iOS. Former Apple engineers are working on the application right now to speed up the user experience. The revamped application will be announced in a couple of months and another iteration of the app will come next year.

HTC is not new to this Facebook phone, earlier it launched HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa as Facebook phones, but all they had is a dedicated Facebook button and both these phones are not solid sellers either. Hopefully this time we will see a real Facebook phone from HTC. But the real question is whether anyone is interested in buying a phone just for the primary purpose of accessing Facebook?.

[Via Bloomberg]