Facebook redesigned photos page with mosaic view

Facebook is rolling out a new redesign for photo pages on timeline for a nicer photo viewing experience on Facebook. The enhancements includes a mosaic view of photos, larger photos and information to interact with the photos by hovering.

Now when users click on photos link on their timelines they will see larger photos that fill up the page making a nice collage of photos. The top of the page will have three boxes, that show Photos of you that is photos you are tagged in, Photos you shared and your albums.

Hovering over the photos will make them larger and shows interactions of that photos, likes and comments count. Users can click the star button to favorite and highlight some of the cool photos. Highlighted photos will appear first and allows others to see your favorites first.

These enhancements are rolling out everyone in the next few weeks, so wait for some time to see the changes on your timeline.

[Via FB]