Flickr is Getting a Facelift

Flickr is getting a facelift on February 28th, the changes include larger photos, less white space, a revamped uploading interface with drag and drop functionality.

Flickr, once popular destination for photo sharing lost its charm in recent times, thanks to competition from Facebook, Picasa, Google+ and others. Flickr is the popular photo sharing site before Yahoo acquired it in 2005, after the acquisition Yahoo mostly ignored the site with out any major changes.

Markus Spiering, Head of Product at Flickr revealed about the upcoming changes at Flickr to Betabeat. The makeover will start rolling to users on February 28th, big changes include larger photos, less white space and a drag and drop uploading. The photo preview page will be revamped with four times larger photos with less white space as you can see in the image. He also told Betabeat that Flickr will be integrated in to Yahoo mail soon, it is already integrated into Yahoo Weather where it will show photos from the searched location.

Instagram became popular with iPhone users with slick filters and a killer app for iPhone. Flickr would have been there in place of Instagram. Markus Spiering didn’t specify who are their biggest competitors but we can safely assume that Facebook is killing Flickr with more than 200 millions of photo uploads per day. Flickr to its credit is also getting 3.5 million photo uploads per day.

Flickr also introduced a new pricing structure in January, Flickr Pro option for $6.95 for three months is added and dropped the price for 2 year subscription by $5.

Will these changes make any difference and get Flickr the previous glory?.