Flock: Share photos taken together with friends [iOS]

Flock is a new iPhone app from Bump which allows users to share photos they have taken together in a specific location. The premise is simple, you and your friends or family went to a place and taken photos, now instead of emailing these photos Flock will help you to share all the photos you and your friends taken together.

Flock is a brand new iOS app and not the defunct social browser based on Firefox. Flock is from the makers of Bump. Bump is a popular app for iOS that allows users to share photos and contacts with a tap of both devices, Bump will hit 100 million users soon.

Flock works by looking at the photos you have taken with your Facebook friends, it looks for location and time data included in the photos and sends push notifications to share your other friends. You have full control to choose which photos you want to share with others. Flock doesn’t have a Camera app of it’s own, it will allow you to choose whatever camera app you want to choose, it works from the camera roll photos. Flock will also look who want to share photos with you and then creates shared album of photos you have taken together. Only catch is that you and your friends should have the Flock app to share the photos.

Download Flock, Via TNW