Geeky Engine: Performance and Battery Tweaks

You can find several apps in the Play Store for speeding up your Android smartphone, however, most of these are just memory management apps and they can’t do what they claim to do. Smartphones with 1GB RAM along with a blazing fast processor will give you an incredible performance throughout along with multitasking. However, phones with 512 MB or less RAM alongside an average processor will cause lags and a poor performance.

The SuperCharger script for Android was released a while back by a senior developer on XDA. The script received positive reviews and it did wonders for several phones. A lot of users used the supercharger script in order to play HD games on their low-end smartphones. However, the problem with the script was that users had to manually use script manager and load the script every time they restarted their phones. Geeky Engine is the newest mod on XDA and it can turn any phone into a powerful and fast device. Basically, the developer claims that a phone, which performs like a turtle, can be turned into a sports car using this mod.

The Freeky Engine was released some time back but it had several bugs. However, the new Geeky Engine is out of the testing stage and can be flashed on all rooted phones. The mod features tweaks for init.d and xbin. It also has tweaks for speeding up the reading of the SD card and its performance. The mod also improves the responsiveness of the touchscreen and you should feel the difference after flashing the zip file. Apart from several major speed and performance tweaks, the mod will also significantly improve the battery life using some battery tweaks.

In order to install the mod, you need to have around 3 MB of free space in your phone and should be running rooted Android 2.2+. You can download the flashable zip file using this link. Once downloaded, you can install the zip file using CWM recovery. Remember to make a nandroid backup in case anything goes wrong as your phone’s system files will be modded.


  1. caligula gandhi says

    had a look at the scripts now. seems like this kid has no idea what he’s
    really doing. having the same lines double and triple with different
    values. this whole script is chaotic. seems like he just took any
    android tweak he could find and merged them into 3 files.