Google Analytics Got New Features: Intelligence, Alerts, Mobile Reports..

Google announced a set of new features for its Google Analytics service, there are some quite useful features in those updates. An intelligence engine that helps you to see new insights in the data being collected.

Analytics Intelligence and Alerts

Google has introduced an algorithmic driven intelligence engine to Google Analytics. This feature will provide automatic alerts of significant changes in the data patterns of your site. Suppose you have a sudden spike in traffic due to some social media site, it will alert you on that. You can set the alerts daily, weekly and monthly according to your needs using different metrics. It will allow you to see an increase visits from a traffic source and drop in traffic from a region according to Google.


Two new goal types are added, they will “allow you to measure user engagement and branding success on your site.” With these goals you can set thresholds for time spent on site by visitors and pages per visit for example. And now you can have upto 20 goals for profile.

Mobile Reporting

Now you can use Google Analytics to track you site usage in mobile devices. The mobile device which can run JavaScript in the browser can already do this with Google Analytics regular code. For phones that don’t have JavaScript tracking possibility Google introduced a server side code snippet that will do the magic of tracking the usage. Currently they support PHP, Perl, JSP and ASPX sites in this release.

“iPhone and Android mobile application developers can now also track how users engage with apps, just as with tracking engagement on a website. What’s more, for apps on Android devices, usage can be tied back to ad campaigns: from ad to marketplace to download to engagement.”

There are other updates in this release check out the Google blog post for more details.