Google Chrome 19 arrives with Tab syncing

Google just pushed another stable version of Google Chrome, the new version Chrome 19 brings the tab syncing feature we are all waiting from some time. If you are already on the beta channel this may not be new for you, but for the rest of us this release brings the tab syncing along with other sync features.

Google Chrome tab syncing feature was announced a while back, it allows Chrome users to access the open tabs of device on the other. You need to sign-in to Google Chrome for this feature to work, once signed-in your open tabs are synced to the cloud and when you access another computer or an Android device you can see all your tabs by accessing other devices menu of the new tab page.

Google Chrome 19 is rolled out already and your browser should get updated soon, but the tab syncing feature is not ready for everyone, if you can’t see this feature you may have to wait a little longer as this feature is pushed gradually to all users.

Open tabs are not the only ones that are synced when you sign in to Google Chrome, it also syncs your bookmarks, apps, extensions, history, themes and other settings to give you a unified browsing experience on Chrome.

Source: Chrome Blog