Google Chrome extensions launched in beta

Along with the Google Chrome for Mac and Linux versions today Google also announced the availability of extensions in beta. If you are running a beta version of Google Chrome you can install extensions now. The extensions are available for both Windows and Linux versions from today, but Mac users have to wait a while to get the extensions.


Lack of extensions on Google Chrome is one of the reason many Firefox fans are reluctant to move to Google Chrome although chrome is speedier than Firefox. Today with the launch of extensions Google chrome will gain some Firefox fans also. Google has launched an extensions gallery which contains 300 extensions as of now, but the number will increase soon as more people install extensions and this will boost developer activity.

If you are worried about Google chrome speed after installing extensions, Google says ”Chromium’s extensive performance monitoring infrastructure has helped us ensure extensions affect Google Chrome’s speed as little as possible.” So that’s a good news, but we will know for sure in the coming days how the extensions are affecting the overall speed of the Google Chrome browser.

Installing extensions is easy, no need of restarting the browser like Firefox. Click the install button and you are good to go.

Google Chrome Extensions Gallery

Google Chrome Extensions Video