Hideman VPN – The Best VPN for Android

A VPN or a virtual private network is one of the most secure ways of browsing the internet. Businesses and corporate people usually use VPNs in order to protect confidential information. However, a VPN can also be used in order to browse the internet anonymously. Not many users are able to browse the internet fully and several sites are blocked in various countries such as Youtube being blocked in China. It is relatively easy to view such sites on a computer by using proxies or anonymous surfing software, however, people find it difficult to unblock such sites on mobile phones. Hideman VPN is one of the best internet browsing tools available for the Android OS and is the best VPN service for Android in terms of functionality.

Firstly, it is exactly same as using a VPN on a computer or laptop. The IP address will be unknown and you will be able to surf the web anonymously. This is what proxies do and if you want to surf the web anonymously, the Hideman VPN is possibly the best option. For corporate individuals, data encryption is present in order to protect confidential information. Now, you don’t need to use your computer in order to access private information and you can do the same thing on your Android device using Hideman VPN.

With this app, you can unblock all sites and can browse the internet without any limitations. For example, if Youtube is blocked, the Youtube Android app won’t work on the device. However, when you enable Hideman VPN and open Youtube, it will start working.

It takes seconds for Hideman VPN to connect and the best part is that you get 5 hours of free web browsing every week. For people who just want to unblock certain sites, this would be the best option as 5 hours can be enough for basic web browsing. However, if you would like to use Hideman VPN throughout, you will need to pay in order to get full access and additional hours. The app can be downloaded free using this link.