How to download BBC iPlayer Radio shows to your PC

BBC iPlayer won’t allow the shows to be downloaded, you will be able to play them for seven days after the show is aired. If you want to download BBC iPlayer shows to your PC so that you can listen to them whenever you want then Radio Downloader software can help you. It can also download files from podcasts, you can subscribe to podcasts and download the files using this program.

Radio Download has a simple interface that features support for BBC Radio and Podcasts. Click on BBC Radio to see the list of programs, arranged in categories as well as alphabetically.

You can select current shows or all shows, this includes archived content as well. Using the categories you can search for your favorite radio shows. It will display information about the program and date, so you know when the show is aired. You can add your favorite shows to Favorites with in the program for downloading later easily.

Once you find the show you just click download and it will start downloading the file for you. Downloads are organized with Episode name and date in the file name, the downloaded files are mp3’s, you can listen to the files later whenever you want.

Radio Downloader is a freeware and works well and comes clean with out any bloatware. It requires .Net framework and works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download Radio Downloader