ieSpell: Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

Firefox has an inbuilt spell checker and it comes quite handy at times when you mistype a word. But the most popular browser on the planet IE doesn’t have one. Of course i don’t use IE very often, but if any of you work with IE this is useful for you.

ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer browser extension that checks for spelling mistakes in text input boxes on web pages. This program installs as a new button in IE toolbar and also as a new menu item in “Tools”. Whenever filling out a form or writing a forum post in a text box, just press this button, then ieSpell popsup.


  • Completely standalone spell checker for your web browser. Does not require Microsoft Office or any other third party components.
  • Integrates flawlessly with Internet Explorer and other IE based browsers.
  • Three ways to start the spell check; via the right click context menu, the toolbar or the menu bar.
  • Supports a wide range of web applications including simple text forms, rich text editors, forums, blogs, webmail (including Outlook Web Access and Lotus iNotes) and more!
  • Spell check in any of the 3 variants (US, UK and Canadian) of the English Language!
  • Suggestions are sorted by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word.
  • Intelligent suggesting for misspelled words using typographic “looks like” matching.
  • Easily add/remove your personal words in ieSpell via an intuitive user interface!
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office’s proofing tools. Have ieSpell share the same copy of the custom dictionary so that when you add/remove your personal words in ieSpell, the same is reflected in Microsoft Office and vice versa!

Download ieSpell, Source: Madhur Kapoor


  1. neil says

    There are so many better browsers out there now, it is hard to imagine why someone would need this add-on, but here is the reason.
    At work we use MS exchange server.
    Using anything other than ie means the email interface will loose some functionality (and its already disfunctional to begin with!), and the exchange will kick the connection, without warning and without saving a draft!, after the page is open for 2-3 mins without an event. Basically, at work i am stuck with ie due to the exchange tie-in. So this add on will be good.

  2. BillSucks says

    Its amazing how completely inept Microsoft continues to prove to be in developing a decent browser. IE8 is nothing more than the same old SHIT behind the scene with some pathetic additions that do nothing but try to mimic what firfox does, and a poor attempt at that!

  3. Aakash says

    Neil: If your Exchange connection if kicking you off every 2-3 minutes while using Outlook Web Access, it’s probably because you are logging in using the “public computer” security option (this is the default option). At the login page, choose “Private Computer” and it will keep you logged on for several hours. The default option “Public Computer” assumes that you are at a public computer and logs you off after 2-3 minutes of inactivity because it assumes that you have stepped away from the public computer.

  4. John says

    This spell check will work but not as well as the built in FireFox spell checker which checks as you type and highlights misspelled words on the fly. It’s better than nothing, but just barely.

    I find IE to be incredible slow and version 8 is a complete failure. I installed that terrible upgrade.

    Go with a better browser.