Joost Web Version is Live

Joost is the much hyped startup when it launched, and the hype faded after the launch and slowly everyone forgot about the service, partly because of the desktop client requirement to watch videos. Today Joost announced that the web version of the Joost is live, no desktop client is necessary to watch videos. You need to download a plugin (P2P based) to watch videos on the web but this will change in October when Joost will launch all Flash based version. However the plugin is necessary to watch certian content like HD and Live Video.

Joost web version

If you want to test now, you can download the plugin and watch the videos on browser. Joost has around 35,000 videos as if now, and categorized as Shows, Music and Film, and these broad categories are sub classified to help users finding the content easier. Joost will also introduce new social features when it launches Flash based version. The plugin version will remain as “Premium” (doesn’t cost you money), used to HD content and Live programming. Both the versions will remain free.

If you haven’t visited Joost from long, it is the time you can try it now. The video content is high quality like the desktop version.