Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

Keyboard shortcuts give us the easy and quick access to programs or tasks in any program. With the release of each Windows version we will see some new shortcuts being added. While the Windows 8 comes swipe gestures etc but most of us are on laptops with no touch screens, in this case these keyboard shortcuts will come in handy.

Windows team blog has published a list of Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts, these will cone handy for doing things pretty quickly in Windows 8.

Here is the list of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Windows Key (Win) – brings up the start screen.
Win + C – Opens charms Bar
Win + D – Opens classic Desktop
Win + E – Opens Windows Explorer
Win + F – Opens charm search for Files
Win + G – Cycle through desktop gadgets
Win + H – Opens share function in charms bar
Win + I – Opens settings in Charms bar
Win + J – Switch focus between snapped and larger apps
Win + K – Open up devices in charms bar
Win + L – Switch users or locks computer
Win + M – Minimizes all desktop windows
Win + O – Lock screen orientation
Win + P – Brings up projector options, allows you to switch display between projector and computer
Win + Q – Search charm bar
Win + R – Run
Win + T – Set focus on taskbar and Cycle through running desktop apps
Win + U – Ease of Access Center
Win + V – Cycle through notifications (+Shift to go backward)
Win + W – Go to settings in Search charm
Win + X – Quick link power user commands (opens Windows Mobility Center if present)
Win + Z – Open the app bar

For a complete list of Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 see the below attached image.