Launch Websites with Keyboard Shortcuts

Site Launcher is a Firefox add-on that allows users to quickly launch websites using keyboard shortcuts. If your bookmarks list became long try this addon to set keyboard shortcuts for your most used sites and launch them few shortcut keys.

After installing the extension open the options panel to set shortcuts for websites to launch. It comes with pre-configured keys for some popular sites, but you can add your own favorites by specifying shortcut key, name and URL. You can change the order of the sites.

To launch a site either you can first launch the site launcher menu and then hit the key to launch a site or if you can memorize the site key you can directly launch the site. To launch sitelauncher menu hit Ctrl + Space, then hit the site key. To directly launch a site hit Shift + Alt + “site key” (Ex: Shift + Alt + g).

This is simple add-on with great functionality, all you have to do is customize the keys and then quickly launch websites. Check out Application Launchers Circle Dock and Launchy.

Site launcher is an experimental addon, meaning you need to login to mozilla site before you can download. Download Sitelauncher. Via Webware