Listen to Music in Yahoo Search Results

Yahoo added a nifty feature to its search, listen to music with out leaving yahoo search results page. Yahoo search has a shortcut for music artists for find out more information about artists. Now they have partnered with Rhapsody to allow you to play the music right from the search results page.

Go to Yahoo search and enter your favorite artists name in the search box, if Yahoo has the music available from the artist it will show a player on the left bottom corner of the browser, click that one, it overlay a music player on the search results page with playlist of the artist. You can play all those songs in full using the player.

Yahoo Music
Although it is a great feature, it only allows you to listen to 25 songs/month, which is nothing if you listen lot of music. You can listen to more songs if you pay for the service, i don’t know how far this will be successful, since there are lot of other ways to listen and download music.