Maluuba, Voice activated personal assistant now available for Windows Phone 8

Voice powered personal assistants will help you to manage your day easily by talking to your phone. Maluuba is a voice activated personal assistant, it is available for Android from quite some time and is popular siri alternative to Android. The app is now available to Windows Phone 8 users as well.


Maluuba for Windows phone 8 was developed from scratch to take advantage of the OS integration, it offers unique features in the Windows Phone that are not available on other platforms like Android. For example Live Tiles support allows users to pin Maluuba features like restaurants, movies etc. and users can also pin search results to the start screen.  Text-to-speech is another features that is not there in Android, it speaks to you as you use the application, for example it will speak out the search results.

Maluuba can help schedule appointments, place calls, check the weather, find businesses and restaurants, discover concerts and nearby events, find online shopping results, set reminders, play songs from your music library, and more. Just speak naturally and say things like, “Where can I find sushi restaurants nearby?”, “Show me some prices for Halo 4”, or “Remind me to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow at 5:30pm”—and watch Maluuba get to work. The app is designed to plug into dozens of services, information providers, and sites including Wikipedia, Facebook, and Open Table.

Download Maluuba for Windows Phone 8.

Via WP Blog