Mixx Communities

Mixx today expanded its groups feature to more customized niche communities. With this new feature any one can create a community of their niche topic.

The communities will reside on subdomains at mixx, limited customization can be done by changing the header, colors and logo. This feature is great if you want to create a social bookmarking community around your brand.

You can pull the content from Mixx using tags, up to ten tags can be entered, based on these tags main mixx content will also show up in community sites. Community creator will have the admin rights, and can decide who can join and whether the mixx community will be public or private.

Another feature is the revenue sharing, you can enter your Google Adsense ID to get the revenue share of the ads shown on your community pages.

Check this community i have created for the demonstration, it is easy to create and just takes a few mins.

Mixx Communities

Mixx although growing traffic wise it doesn’t send decent traffic to websites, it is better to put the same effort in building community at other sites like Stumbleupon which sends some decent traffic.