Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko Phones will Launch in Brazil First

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko OS running phones will debut first in Brazil in early 2013. Boot to Gecko is Mozilla’s mobile operating system that entirely relies on modern web technologies like HTML5. Brazilian blog ZTop (translated) is reporting that Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs announced in São Paulo that the first phones running Boot to Gecko will be launched in Brazil on Telefonica network.

The phones will run Boot to Gecko but it is not clear on what hardware they will run. Mozilla CEO didn’t say anything related to the hardware.  But Pablo Larrieux, the chief innovative officer of Telefonica Vivo, indicated that Boot to Gecko phones will be priced competitively with feature phones.

That might mean we will see Mozilla OS phones at slightly higher prices than the feature phones. Which is good for developing markets, a cheap smartphone is better than a feature phone. Boot to Gecko uses HTML5 extensively, so it may not need high spec hardware which gives an advantage to price the phones competitively.

Mozilla showcased the Boot to Gecko phones in February at Mobile World Congress 2012. Boot to Gecko is an open source software, you can find more information about the project and how to install B2G on Samsung Galaxy SII and Nexus S at Boot to Gecko.

(Via Engadget)