MultiPLX: Another Google Reader Alternative

If you are a Google Reader user then you already know that the service is shutting down on July 1st 2013 and we have already covered several alternatives for Google Reader. Out of all the alternatives we looked, Feedly is the big winner with its features and mobile apps. Now there is another Google Reader alternative that launched recently called “MultiPLX”.

MultiPLX: Another Google Reader Alternative

MultiPLX is a web based feed reader with nice card style visual user interface. If you are coming from Google Reader you can download your subscriptions and then import the same OPML/ XML file to MultiPLX. To add content to your feed list you can search using website name, keyword or add feed URL by clicking the +PLX button. You can also add the +PLX button as a browser bookmark so that you can add feeds on the go while browsing.

MultiPLX: Another Google Reader Alternative

The feed items are arranged in Pinterest style boards, and with the endless scroll you can see as many items you want to see. The feed items carry image thumbnails that can be turned off if you are on a slow connection. But what is missing is the compact style of feeds (feed titles list view) where you only see feed titles, this arrangement makes it easy to scan hundreds of feeds without spending too much time on each feed. Particularly power users of Google Reader would prefer this type of compact feed items list.

It has a responsive design, so you need not worry about the mobile access as it works well in mobile devices also. What separates MultiPLX from Feedly is that MultiPLX is fully web based service and doesn’t require you to download a browser extension. This is useful when you are at work place and not allowed to add browser extensions.

Overall MultiPLX is worthy alternative to Google Reader and one you might want to consider before making the final switch from Google Reader. MultiPLX is in beta and invite only, you can use the “GOOGLEREADER” invite code to get into the service.


  1. daniel stones says

    I don’t like the grid view. You can’t really focus on what you really wanna read. That’s why I stop using pulse and another one I can’t remember the name. The best choice for me is definitely If you were a Google Reader user, you’ll be used to it very easily.