Next Sony Xperia is around, you can make the phone unveiled sooner

Sony is teasing next Sony Xperia smartphone on it’s Facebook page. To build the hype around it’s next Xperia Sony created a page for Xperia Fans to advance the date for unveiling by participating in the contest. If you are a Sony fan or not you can just make the unveiling date to move closer by accessing the app on Facebook.

To participate the Xperia app needs permission to access your Facebook account, you can later choose whether to allow this app to post to your timeline or not.

The original announcement is expected to come on June 22nd for the unveiling, but users already fast forwarded the date to June 20th, as of writing this post the clock ticks at 9 days and if enough users turn up the date could move sooner.

The Facebook app also has a competition, where you have to answer a question to enter the competition to win the next Xperia.

As for the mysterious device Sony is unveiling it could be the international version of Sony Xperia GX that launched in Japan last month. Or it could be a completely new device.