Noozy Audio Player with NoozXoide EIZO-rewire – A better audio experience on Android

There are several music players for Android and some of these do a pretty good job. One music player, however, has received quite less popularity and only a few know about Noozy Audio Player. Sony’s Walkman player is still probably the best music player that you’ll see on an Android device, however, I think that Noozy Audio Player, along with NoozeXoide EIZO-rewire, has the potential of being the best Android Music Player.

Designed by a sound engineer and a top developer, Noozy Music Player is probably the best audio player when it comes to sound quality. The player is quite unique from other music players and is designed for an incredible Audio experience. Audiophiles, if not casual music listeners, will be able to tell the difference between Noozy player and any other Android player as it features a “premium” audio player.

Firstly, you can enjoy your personal music library along with online podcasts and Internet Radio while getting a crisp sound. The player also features “Similar Network” which allows users to get all the information about the artist and the album. You can load up full biographies and discographies of your favorite artists. Apart from that, it can also get you 10 second sample tracks based on the type of music you are listening before you buy and download the song.

Okay, now to the important part. The NoozXoide EIZO-rewire add-on enhances the audio quality using 5 unique features. Firstly, the balanced X-EQ processor balances the soundstage for each channel.  The MaxxBass Processor brings deeper 1 octave bassline to the music. The NogicQ processor brings better vocal definition along with warmth in the sound quality. The Psychoacoustic processor brings warm attack effect on the audio quality and lastly, the LogicSurround ES processor brings virtual surround sound for external speakers and headphones. Even though only AudioPhiles will understand all these terms, you should definitely try out the app to check the audio quality.

You can download the Noozy Audio Player apk file here. You can download the NoozXoide EIZO-rewire using this link. Make sure to remove all equalizer apps from your device before installing the music player.


  1. Yasir says

    Hi, new links have been uploaded for Noozy Audio Player and EIZO rewire.
    The XDA links for Noozy are down at the moment.

  2. murlidhar says

    sorry for the double post.
    but the error says ” there is a problem parsing the package”

  3. yasir says

    Umm I’m not sure if this works on MIUI as its tested on cm9 and stock roms. do u have any other equalizer apps installed? if you do, then uninstall those. and then, go to settings/apps and go to Google Play Store in all apps. Then, clear the data and cache of google play store. it should hopefully install then if it supports the MIUI framework.