Manage Online Event Registrations Easily with Eventzilla

Organizing an event is not an easy task. There are various things that goes into making a successful event – finding sponsors, promoting the event, selling tickets, setting up the event location and much more. With social networking becoming increasingly popular, people have now started promoting their event using social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter.

In this post, we bring you one such service that helps you easily promote your event as well as sell tickets online Eventzilla.

Eventzilla is a really nifty service that provides you an easy way to accept registrations and payments for your events as well as to promote it online. It is an affordable online registration and ticketing software for anyone hosting an event. It is simple and easy-to-use.

Event Page
Eventzilla lets you create your own professional looking event page in minutes. On this page you can publish the details regarding your event such as event date, time, venue, price, agenda and much more. People can register for the event or even buy tickets directly from your event page.

Setting up an online registration form is pretty easy and does not require any programming knowledge. Eventzilla also enables you to easily keep track of your attendees as well as manage cancellations.

Event Promotion

In addition to managing online registrations and payments, Eventzilla also helps you in promoting your event online. It lets you promote your events by enabling you send free e-mail invitations as well as promoting it on social networking services such as Twitter or Facebook.

Eventzilla is free if your event is a free event. But, if your event is a paid one and requires attendees to buy tickets then Eventzilla charges you $1 for every ticket sold.

Eventzilla is a prolific web based service for anyone organizing an event. Be it a seminar, a conference, a music concert or even a private party, Eventzilla is just the right tool for promoting your event, selling tickets and keeping track of your attendees.


  1. pedjo says

    What about the billing for sold Tickets?
    Can i offer paypal payment? And the price is always 1 $ per sold ticket, no matter how expensive the Online Event actually is?

  2. Joe says

    I have had an Eventzilla account for about five months now
    and I have hosted four events through this site. I have had ongoing problems
    with the site, but I have to say, this recent event will definitely be my last.
    Some of my potential participants have reported three different issues with
    this site, making registration for them impossible. This is a huge problem for
    a site with the main purpose of registering participants! I attempted to email
    support (they do not give a phone number) and I have not received any reply.

    The three complaints I have had from multiple potentials:
    1. Inability to search for my event by name or city. (Both
    of which are supposed to be available.)
    2. Inability to PURCHASE tickets, receiving the following
    error message: “Please select a lesser quantity of tickets to
    proceed…”. These participants attempted to purchase 1 ticket, which is
    within the parameters set.
    3. Inability to reach the event using the EXACT address
    given by Eventzilla.