Optimize Tool Box – The All-in-One Performance Utility for Android

The Android OS is incredible and runs smoothly on most Android smartphones, however, on some low-end devices, there can be several issues including performance and RAM issues. Even high-end phones can face tiny lags once in a while. There are several system optimizing utilities out there for the Android OS which claim to improve performance and increase RAM on Android devices. You can find separate apps for improving RAM, battery performance, CPU performance and killing tasks and if you install all these apps, you are going to get confused. Optimize Tool Box for Android is a fantastic all-in-one performance enhancing utility for the Android OS. The app was previously known as Android Optimizer and is now renamed to Optimize Tool Box, which features 15 different features.

Optimize Tool Box is basically like a Swiss Army Knife for the Android OS, featuring 15 features in nine different categories. Device Scanning is the first feature and does a full scan of the device for all sorts of problems. You can optimize the OS with just one click performance, ram, speed and battery are likely to get optimized.

The App also features an app sorting feature, with which you can easily manage all your downloaded apps. The Advanced settings feature gives access to all the general features all together including sound, screen rotation and connectivity. The Start-Up feature helps you manage all applications which start up on boot in order for faster booting and performance after powering on the device.

A batch installer and uninstaller is also available and you can easily install multiple apps from the sd card and can remove multiple apps at once. Obviously, an all-in-one tool is incomplete without a task killer and Optimize Tool Box also features a Program Manager for viewing and killing different services. The Cache cleaner can wipe your phone’s cache in one click.

The app also features a power monitor and saver for a better battery performance along with a file explorer/manager. The latest update also features a widget for quick and advanced settings. You can get the apk file using this link and can install it like any other app.