PicSay Pro – The Best Photo Editor for Android

Photo Editing has never been a strongest feature on Android even though there are several photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store. Adobe Photoshop is also quite limited as compared to the PC version. What most apps offer is just adding text and few effects. PicSay Pro Photo editor for Android is one of its kind and is probably the best photo editing app on the Android OS. The award winning app features several different editing tools and effects for advanced photo editing. This, by no means, is similar to powerful photo editing applications on PC and Mac, however, it performs better than other Android apps and features enough tools and effects for most users.

Firstly, the app features text addition and cartoon type effects for basic editing. You can enter text in different fonts and colors. Text can be entered in the form of speech balloons or just plain text without any background. Then, you have stickers and other cartoon type effects including glasses, beards and hats for funny looking pictures. Another feature for funny pictures is that you can cut parts of the picture such as heads or other body parts and replace these with funnier options.

A unique tool is the Color Popping effect. You won’t find this in many photo editing apps and it basically uses desaturation for selective parts of a picture. Using this tool converts the image into black and white colors.  You can then choose parts where you want colors in the picture. For example, if you want to focus on a specific object in the picture, you paint over the object and it will bring back its original colors while the rest of the picture will stay in black and white.

The app also offers various tools to sharpen, soften, straighten, crop and distort photos. Red eye removal is also present. Apart from that, you get several different effects including sketch, faux HDR, Lomo and several more.

The app can be downloaded here. You can also get the free Lite version of the app here.