Share WebPage Snapshots the easy way

FreezepageSometime we may have to hare webpage snapshots with others, one way is to take a complete snapshot with a screen grab tool and save it as a image and share it with others. Now there is an easy way to do thi, Freezepage is a cool new service that allows you to take snapshots of any webpage and saves it online.

Freezepage is free to use, just input the URL of the page you want to take snapshot and click “freeze web page” button. The desired web page is downloaded and saved online with a unique URL. You can send this URL to other to share it with them. Checkout how the freezed pages look

Freezepage stores the entire page, but dynamic elements like Javascript menus, Ads, Ajax things won’t work. But overall page looks as it is.

You can use freezepage from its web page with out registering, but if you want to use the browser buttons then you need to sign-up.

When you create snapshots your IP is logged in, so use it responsibly. Freezed pages carry date and time stamp, this may be useful for some users to show how a web page appeared at a given time (read copyright infringement).

Freezed pages can be stored forever but registered users should login to the site once in 60 days and anonymous users should login once in every 30 days.


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    Cool find. It looks like a browsershots for sharing and in public, though. Much better than taking a snap, then uploading to a site (imgshack, anyone?)

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    Wow this is an awesome tool. Especially for clients with problems with caching of websites. Now we can send them here to show them what others see. Thanks Teknobites