SkyDrive gets selective syncing, updates to Windows Phone 8 and Android apps

Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage service is finally getting user traction and is becoming one of the most important services for Microsoft’s Desktop and Mobile platforms. SkyDrive is forgotten service till few months back, but with the introduction of SkyDrive sync apps the usage has gone high and Microsoft reports that in the past six months SkyDrive storage usage has been doubled.

Microsoft has released Windows Phone 8 and Android SkyDrive apps and added new features across all platforms. In this update Microsoft has added selective Sync feature that is missing from the beginning and others like Dropbox have this feature from long. The new selective sync feature allows users to select which folders to sync from SkyDrive, that way you can only sync an important folder to your phone or tablet while your desktop syncs all the files and folders. Another feature is the contextual links in the right click menu, you can now select share from the right-click menu for faster and easier sharing.

Windows Phone 8 and Android SkyDrive apps are updated with new features today. The update for Windows phone 8 now lets you search SkyDrive files and folders and comtro photo upload and download size. SkyDrive for Android now allows you to upload all file types from SD card, rename SkyDrive folders & file, Custom sort orders for every view.

Via Windows Blog