Some Windows Phone 8 devices suffer random reboots and battery issues

Nokia and HTC released Windows Phone 8 devices along with the launch of Windows Phone 8. Consumers in US and other parts of the world got their hands on these devices, and some users are reporting that they are facing random reboot issues in HTC 8X and battery issues in Nokia Lumia 920.

A reported by The Verge, users at WPCentral forums are complaining about the reboot issue of HTC 8X, the thread has lot of replies and several users are reporting the random reboot issue. Microsoft forums also has a thread about the 8X reboot issues, here some Lumia 920 owners are also reporting random reboots and lockup issues. At Nokia support forums users are reporting freezing / lockup issue with their Lumia 920 and some users are reporting battery issues. According to The Verge disabling the NFC features in Lumia 920 solved the battery issues.

Microsoft, Nokia or HTC has not yet commented on the issue so far. As the Windows Phone 8 is new these kind of problems will occur, but users won’t like it if their $400 worth of hardware behaves weird.