Sony Wants You to Pay $50 Extra for Crapware Free Computer

Sony VAIO Crapware

Update: Sony won’t charge $50 to remove Crapware

Sony got some crazy money making ideas and wants to charge $50 extra if you want a clean computer with out crapware (read useless software, trialware, games etc).

I remember when i bought my VAIO Laptop 3 years back it is filled with lot of crapware like SonicStage, VAIO apps and lot of other promotional stuff. These crapware often makes your laptop to run slow and they are just useless for a casual user.

Sony finally giving an option to get clean PC with out all the crapware but for a fee ($49.95). Currently it is only available on TZ2000 models, but you can expect this to all other models in the near future. You need to opt Windows Vista business to use this option, that means more $100 you have to shell out.

What do you think, do you pay $50 extra for a crapware free computer?


  1. says

    one word for it! Shit! Sony’s products are always over priced and are crap ….and these stupid policies engrave this opinion about sony in my mind….even further.

  2. says

    Yep i agree they are over priced, but they are not crap. I use sony VAIO of course it is loaded with crapware when i bought it but it works well. I preferred this over Dell or Toshiba because it looks slick. :)