Spotify Music Streaming Service

Spotify is a new music streaming service that is getting some good reviews, check torrentfreaks review. Spotify is a downloadable light weight application that lets you access a huge library of music, looks like iTunes but free.

Spotify is available as a downloadable client for both windows and Mac users, sorry Linux users there is no support for yet, but you can use Wine to run Spotify. It allows you to search, browse and stream a huge collection of music for free. The service is currently available in UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and France.

The best part of the application is ease of use and instant streaming. Search results are instant and plays instantly. The searches are auto saved in the sidebar which you can access again, and creating playlists is easy. Drag and drop any track you like on to the playlist and it is saved there. Although it doesn’t offer any social features yet, you can share the playlists and create collaborative playlists with friends. For sharing playlist right click the playlist and get the URL or Spotify URI, these you can share with your friends, you friends should also be spotify to use these playlists.

The searches can be done based on artists, tracks, year (ex: year:2005-2008), genre (ex: genre:Trip-hop). Each artist page includes Top lists from the artist which is handy when you are listening to unknown artists.

On the flip side it doesn’t allows to download songs or save it to portable devices like iPods. Always you should be in front of the computer or at least it should be online.

Overall Spotify is great service, music junkies will love it.

Thanks gabbhyka for the invite, really appreciated.

I have a couple of invites (no more invites) to share with you. Let me know if you want one, leave a comment with a proper email ID, i will send you. If there are more comments i will give them randomly. Of course there are other ways to get, outlined here.