Fireshot: Screen Capture and Editing Addon for Firefox and IE

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Fireshot is a one of the few addons that are available for both Firefox and IE, it allows to take screen shots of web pages, edit them and annotate them in a simple editor. There are some extensions like screengrab for taking screenshots, but this one also allows you to edit those screenshots. ... Read More →

Intel Mash Maker: Mashups for the Masses

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Intel launched a Mash Maker application today as a browser plugin. It is similar to Yahoo Pipes and Microsoft Popfly but can be used inside the browser. The surprising part is that Intel, basically a hardware company launching this mashup creator application. Intel launched a digg clone a while back ... Read More →

ieSpell: Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

Firefox has an inbuilt spell checker and it comes quite handy at times when you mistype a word. But the most popular browser on the planet IE doesn't have one. Of course i don't use IE very often, but if any of you work with IE this is useful for you. ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer browser ... Read More →

DebugBar: IE Plug-in for web developers

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We know that there are many Add-on's available for Firefox to help us in web development, but when it comes to IE developer tools you will not see many of them. DebugBar is a plug-in for IE to help web developers and coders in development. Features: DOM Inspector: View DOM Tree and ... Read More →