Top 3 Android Games of 2012 which will Blow Your Mind

2012 has been the year of some amazing Android apps and games.  Some apps have received a lot of popularity and have turned into top sellers while others have failed and could not survive in the Google Play Store. Android users have seen some of the best HD games with stunning graphics, however, a game is not complete without a good story and a decent gameplay. Here are the top 3 HD games of 2012 which will blow away your mind with stunning graphics and a brilliant gameplay.

3 – Guerrilla Bob THD is at number 3 and features a great story, brilliant graphics, a cross-platform multi-player mode, laughter, different enemies and a lot of weapons. The game has received a lot of popularity and is rated amongst some of the best selling games on Android. You can buy different weapons including machine guns, shotgun and chain gun by collecting money from enemies. The brilliant storyline along with cartoon-like stunning graphics make Guerilla Bob THD one of the best games for Android. You can download the game using this link.

2- TurboFly HD is at number 2 with its modern graphics and 3D gameplay. The game is a unique and futuristic racing game and is the best alternative to same old car racing games. TurboFly HD features 22 levels with different vehicles and weapons. Similar to the popular console game WipeOut, TurboFly HD is too good to be an Android game. You can get the game here.

1 – Riptide GP is at number one with its smooth gameplay and graphics which are too good to be true on a smartphone. Riptide GP is a water racing game for Android and is, again, an alternative to car racing games. The game features realistic water effects and a stunning environment. You can choose from a variety of beautiful jet skis, with each one having its own special ability. Kotaku has labelled Riptide GP as the first console- quality game on Android. You can get Riptide GP here.