Top 5 Music Players for Android

There are millions of apps for the Android OS and you can download these apps using the Google Play Store. Music Players are probably one of the most downloaded categories of apps for Android and most users are generally not satisfied with the default music player in their Android phones. There are 100s of different music players available in the Play Store and here are the top 5 music players which you should definitely try out if you are not fully satisfied with the stock music app.

5- At 5, comes the TuneWiki Music Player for Android. It is one of the most downloaded apps for Android and is also available for different operating systems. The most liked feature is the scrolling lyrics and the app automatically downloads and scrolls lyrics on screen while you play your music. You can also share lyrics on Facebook and Twitter. You can download the app using this link. 

4- Google Play Music comes at number 4 and Google’s stock music player is one of the best out there. Not only does the player support most features as other music players, but you can buy and download songs using the app. The app is only available for citizens in the U.S.A, however, you can check my post on installing Google Play Music in any country.

3- UberMusic is at number 3. The music player doesn’t offer anything special, however, it looks beautiful and is based on the Windows Mobile OS. It supports all the basic features of a decent music player and is extremely customizable. You can also download skins for the app using Google Play. Here is the Google Play link for the app.

2- Jet Audio for Android is at number 2 and is an incredible music player for the Android OS. Jet Audio has been widely used on windows and the Android version offers nothing less. It is one of the most download music players and has an incredible equalizer.

1- PowerAmp is at number 1 and is probably the most liked music player for Android. The player is powerful and supports most audio formats. However, the most used feature is the advanced equalizer and the Bass control. Here is the Google Play link for the app.

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite app, and why like it.