Track who is logging to your Gmail account

Your email is the repository of your personal and business information, Gmail added a new feature today to improve your email security. If you are signed into your Gmail account from more than one computer a note will appear at the bottom of your Gmail Inbox. The message shows IP address of the computer where it is open and last time of the activity on your gmail account.

Gmail Inbox

Click on the details links after the message to see more information about the account activity. It shows all the open sessions, along with IP addresses and how the email is retrieved, that is by iGoogle, POP3 or mobile phone. It displays current session information with the IP address and also displays “sign out all other locations” message. You can click on that to sign out from all other opened sessions.

The bottom table includes recent history of the access with time of access. With this information you can effectively track if some one is accessing your gmail account or if you haven’t signout at any other location. The new feature is not yet available to all users, it will be rolled out in the near future.




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