TweetVolume Tells You The Most Popular Twitter Client

Tweetvolume looks at twitter data and tells you what is popular among twitters. For example you want to check whether Obama or Hillary is popular among twitters, it will look at the twitter data and shows how many times the term was used in twitter.

What is the most popular twitter client?

I used this tool to see what is the most popular twitter client. Few days back Amit has a similar post on the popular twitter clients, i used the same tools to get the data about the popularity of the tools.

Twitterrific seems to be the most popular tools used by people to tweet, but twhirl is catching up very fast. See the below graph to get an idea what tools people are using for tweets.

Most Popular Twitter Clients

I used the search terms “ago from twitterffic”, here replace twitterrific with other tool names. Do let me know if i didn’t include any popular twitter client in the list, I will update the post


  1. Shankar Ganesh says

    Seems Twhirl is the most popular client on Windows. The program is so feature rich, that it doesn’t leave us desired for more. It’s got almost everything, and even more – like connecting to Pownce, and more recently, TwitPic. :)


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