Twitter for iOS and Android updated with Expanded tweets, new notifications

Twitter app for iOS and Android updated with new features as expected, just days back Twitter 4.3 for iOS features leaked and today Twitter announced that they rolled out these features. The new features include expanded tweets, new notifications, search autocomplete and events.

Twitter is bringing the expanded tweets to the mobile applications, this feature is already available on the web version. This feature allows users to expand tweets to access photos and videos attached to the tweets from content partners. The content partners list also expanded with new players like Kickstarter, The Atlantic, Etsy and Vimeo. You can watch videos of Kickstarter in the twitter feed itself before taking the decision to fund that project or not. You can view images or play videos when you expand tweets from sites like Etsy and Vimeo.

With Experience Events feature you can get the popular and best photos and tweets related to a particular event happening. With the improvements made to the search autocomplete feature you will see more suggestions when searching for people.

Updated mobile apps for Twitter allows you to receive notifications when your favorite twitter accounts tweet. While it is always possible to receive tweets via SMS, this feature supports push notifications for tweets. You can turn push notifications for tweets from the action button on user profiles.

Download Twitter for iOS and Android.