Twitter Live Video Tweets Coming ?

According to the Telegraph, twitter may be adding video tweets feature soon. The report doesn’t include any quotes from twitter founders or any sources, so the information at this point may be rumor, but the feature would be great for some folks if it is really in the works.

There are quite a few tools available for adding video links to tweets in twitter stream, like and others. If twitter were to add this feature then all those third party apps will be useless unless they offer some extras on top of the service they offer.

Twitter API attracted so many developers for building cool applications around it, the most popular one is the twitpic which allows users to upload photos to twitter. If twitter has to offer the same functionality natively then these applications are not much useful. It is also possible that twitter may acquire the service like it did earlier, it acquired summize twitter search engine which eventually became twitter search.

This news may not be good for you if you are a twitter app developer but for the rest of the folks who wanted to add video tweets it’s a nice feature to have sooner.

Update: Mashable got a quote from Twitter Founder Biz Stone denying the video tweets. “Haven’t read the piece but no video hosting. 140 characters of text including spaces. You know the drill!”.