Updated Gmail for Android lets you reply and archive from notifications

Google has updated the Gmail for Android app, the update brings several improvements and useful features. If you are on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and up you will be glad that now you can reply and archive Gmail messages straight from the notifications with one tap.


Combine this feature with the extended notification feature that lets you receive notifications for only certain labels you have a powerful feature at your hand that will save time and increase your productivity. You can also set different ringtones for the labels so you know for what you have to respond.

You can combine this with existing notification features like the ability to customize which messages you receive notifications for and set up different sounds for individual labels. So if you filter and label all the messages from your mom, you could set a ringtone to let you know you received a new mail from her and then quickly reply.

The new update also introduces faster search and better search suggestions for Android 4.0 ICS and up, that enables users to quickly find messages both online and offline. New labels API is now available for third-party developers and supports Android 2.2 and up. The update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Via Gmail Blog