Upload Images to Imgur and Imageshack from your Desktop with Tiny Uploader

If you upload images to free image hosting sites imgur.com or imageshack.us, then this tiny utility will automate the process of uploading images. Tiny Uploader is a nifty utility that allows you to upload images directly from your desktop without visiting those sites for uploading.

Tiny Uploader is available as an installer and as a portable application. The installer will give you the option to integrate it to Windows shell. That way you could right-click any image and upload to one of these sites.

The portable version lacks shell integration but works perfect. Not only images you can take screenshots of your desktop applications while running and send them to imgur.com or imageshack.us.

Open the program and select the free image hosting service you want to use from the drop down menu. Drag or open an image to its interface, or take screenshot using the clip tool. You can capture the desktop and send it. It will start uploading immediately after taking screenshot or dragging an image to its interface.

Once uploaded you can view the uploaded image in your browser, or click a button to get the link copied to your clipboard, that link you can share online.

The settings window will allow you to change the image size and modify the quality of the image and more.

Download Tiny Uploader