3 New Features from Gmail Labs

Gmail labs introduced 3 new features today, these are useful little tweaks for the Gmail. If you have Gmail Labs enabled you can get these features. Go to settings, select Labs and enable these features to use them. The three features include, Custom Label Colors, Goto Label and Navbar drag and drop.

Custom label colors allows you to select custom colors for the labels. Earlier only few colors are available for Labels, now you can get many colors by selecting Add custom colors.

Gmail Label Colors

Goto Label is a keyboard shortcut for power users who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. To use this feature press, “g” and “l” simultaneously, a small popup box will appear, just start typing the label name, it will display all the labels matching that letter in drop down list. Select label you want to go and hit enter. This is most useful feature out of the three features released today.

Gmail Goto Label

Navbar drag and drop, as the name suggest allows to reorder the navbar items Labels, Chat and Invite a friend by drag and drop.
Gmail Navbar drag and drop

These features are not great but nevertheless they are useful features.