Facebook for iPhone and iPad updated with speed improvements, ditches HTML5

Facebook released much anticipated update to it’s iOS app which brings speed improvements but no new features as of now. Previous version of the app is comparatively slow and is written in HTML5, the new app is written in Objective C to take advantage of the iOS platform.

You can download the updated app from the app store and the speed improvements are quite noticeable. When you scroll the news feed click on photos in news feed, you will notice that these actions are much faster than before. Now when you open news feed you will see the cached content instead of blank screen and loading spinner.  Facebook wrote in a blog post that the speed improvements are gained by going native on iOS.

While the new native app gave speed improvements it has some drawbacks, for example Facebook can’t update it’s app as frequently as it did earlier. Earlier version used HTML5 so they used to update app frequently server wide and the changes are immediately visible to users. With the new app this ability is gone, but Facebook notes that some functions in the app that require frequent updates are kept in HTML5 for the moment.

The new speed improvements are going to please iOS users, as the app is much easier to use and scrolling news feed or viewing photos is much faster. Download the updated app from the app store if not done already.

Via Facebook