How to Use Multiple Yahoo Messengers Simultaneously

This is useful for those who use multiple Yahoo Messenger IDs, with the official Yahoo Messenger program it is not possible to login with multiple Yahoo IDs to Yahoo Messenger. Multi Yahoo Messenger is a simple tool that allows you to run multiple yahoo messenger instances simultaneously.

How it works?

Download the application, install it and run it. First time you need to patch, when you open Multi Yahoo Messenger it shows Patch button and Restore buttons with Patch button activated. Click on Patch to patch Yahoo messenger.


Now open Yahoo Messenger and login with a Yahoo ID, repeat this process depending on how many instances you want to run. 2 or 3 instances is more than enough for anyone i guess.

That’s all, enjoy the multi yahoo messenger logged in with multiple Yahoo IDs.

Multiple Yahoo Messenger running simultaneously

Multiple Yahoo Messenger running simultaneously

For whatever reason if you want to remove the patch, open multi Yahoo messenger application and click the restore button to revert the changes. Now the patch is removed and you can’t use multiple yahoo messengers at once.

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Download Multi Yahoo Messenger