Internet Explorer 8 to have privacy controls

Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 is released in march, later this week IE8 team is planning to release IE8 beta 2. There are speculations about IE8 privacy controls in the last few days, today IE8 blog has published details on privacy controls of IE8.

According to Microsoft IE8 gives users more choice about controlling what information they keep and exchange. The privacy feature is called InPrivate.

  • InPrivate Browsing lets you control whether or not IE saves your browsing history, cookies, and other data
  • Delete Browsing History helps you control your browsing history after you’ve visited websites.
  • InPrivate Blocking informs you about content that is in a position to observe your browsing history, and allows you to block it
  • InPrivate Subscriptions allow you to augment the capability of InPrivate Blocking by subscribing to lists of websites to block or allow.

IE8 Privacy Controls

To activate InPrivate Browsing open an Inprivate tab and browse the web sites you want to browse with out letting any one know, after you finished your private browsing simply close the tab IE will take care of the rest. In this mode IE wont save data like cookies, temporary Internet files, history and other data.

Delete Browsing History also got some controls. In IE7 when you delete browsing history you delete everything, with the new controls in IE8 you will be able to control some site data. Suppose you have some favorite sites data that you don’t want to delete, you can add them to IE favorites list and in the delete browsing history panel select “preserve favorite website data”, which keeps all your favorite sites data and deletes the rest.

Read the full post on IE8 blog to see all the privacy control that are coming in IE8. Image Credit: IE8 Blog


  1. dean says

    ie8 may have private browsing but if uve alrdy used the browser without it and u have history in your address bar, even if u have days set to 0 and u delete all folders of saved data via the tools and or safety window on ie8 then the history does not even get deleted it re-appears everytime you open the address bar or a new window :(

    does anyone know how to delete the history is this a known fault for ie8 beta2?