iPhone Optimize Your Blog with MoFuse

mofuseMoFuse is a service that creates a mobile version of your blog. MoFuse takes blogs RSS feed an turns it into a mobile optimized page. Today MoFuse launched a iPhone app creator to optimize websites for iPhone.

MoFuse says that your “mobile site will be standards-compliant! Our mobile site creator creates your mobile site and optimizes it for performance on mobile devices! Load times will be low, and your visitors will be able to easily navigate and read your content!”

MoFuse offers an monetization program for web publishers using Adsense and Admob. Users will get 50% of the cut from the revenues.

It offers free and paid accounts, paid accounts users will be able to brand their sites with header/logo and they can use custom subdomain names.

WordPress Users have more options to create mobile friendly blog, Via Mashable