Mass Download Flickr Photos with Flickrdown

Want to download all your Flickr photos to your hard drive or simply wanted to download some wallpapers, then downloading one by one is not an option for you. Flickrdown is a little application that helps you to download large number of Flickr photos at once.

It supports username, email address, tags and groups. You can download public images from flickr using this application but if you want to download private pics you need to authorize to flickr, you can do that right from the application itself.


Grab the flickrdown app from here and install it. Open the app and enter tags or username and then select the photos you want to download, you can also select to download all the results. If the user has many sets it will display sets, select all sets or single set and you are good to go.

Note: It requires .Net Framework 2.0, if you don’t have .Net Fx on your machine you can download it from here