Phreetings: Create Greetings with Flickr Photos

phreetingsPhreetings(Photos + Greetings) is a new service that lets you create greetings using flickr photos. When i say greeting means just a photo with a message below the photo, no fancy things.

The interface is simple to use, just enter any keyword in the search box, immediately it pulls up photos to the page. Select any photo by drag and dropping to the photo box. When you click on a photo it shows the image sizes and license information of the photo, so you know whether you want that photo or not. Once you select the photo you can enter your greeting text in the other box. You can also select color scheme for the greeting background. The phreetings are auto saved and URL is generated automatically when you enter a new search.


You can send these phreetings to your buddies via email or send the URL so they can view it online.

What is missing, there is no way to save the greeting other than downloading the flickr image. It would be nice if it is possible to embed phreetings in social network profiles or blog pages.

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  1. Syahid A. says

    This is cool. All I need to do now is to search for free Creative Commons pics from Flickr to create a nice greeting card!