Create animations in your browser with DoInk


DoInk is a fun service that allows you to create animations in your browser. The app runs in Java and feels like working on a desktop app. DoInk has a large collection of animated clips, backgrounds which you can use to create animations or drawings. ... Read More →

Put Yourself on Wired Magazine Cover


There are tools to put yourself on Time and other magazine covers to show it to your friends to get that Internet fame. Wired has such a tool which allows you to put your face on wired magazine cover. ... Read More →

Convert Image to Text Online

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail is an online service for converting images to ASCII text art, HTML and Matrix style text. Using the service is simple, just upload the image you desired to convert it into text and select the charachters for the conversion and select other parameters like font-size, image width, color ... Read More →

Clubdud: Fun With Photos

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ClubDUD is a fun service that allows you to put your face on famous celebrities body. You could put your face on Tom Cruise body, or Anjelina Jolie body, Just select your role model and put your face on it and have fun. The site is not much useful except for having fun with photos. Create a cool ... Read More →

Photo Soup word puzzle based on Flickr tags – Time Waster

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Photo Soup is a word puzzle based on Flickr tags from Yahoo. The word puzzle contains the Flickr tags, you have to find all these tags before you run out of the time. You can create a puzzle with any tag or username, then the system will generate a word puzzle for you with related tags. Each ... Read More →

Put your face on Time magazine cover

Do you know that it is not hard to put your face on the cover of popular magazines like Time, Maxim, Vogue. Magmypic is a service that allows you to put your face on popular magazines, currently they support 12 magazines including Time, Maxim, Vogue, Fortune, Rolling Stone. It's completely free ... Read More →

rsizr: Intelligent Image Resizing

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rsizr is an online image resizing tool based on Seam Carving a technique developed by by Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Shai Avidan (Adobe). This tool resize the image without losing the original features of the image. I played it with for sometime and i am impressed with its functionality. As Orli ... Read More →