WinWithSearch: Win Free Talk Time With Live Search (India Only)

Microsoft is trying different ways to get users to its Live search, last year they launched a rewards program for using Live search to get prizes from t-shirts to video games. This rewards program may be still going on and is available at SearchPerks, the deadline for this program is Dec-31 2008.

Now they came up with a new idea called WinWithSearch, that lets users win free talk time while using Live search. This program is currently available only in India. To participate go to Winwithsearch and start searching, when you search the dice will roll, if you get double 6 then you won, the session for each search will continue for 10min. In between if someone won that slot you have to wait until 10min time is over and start again.

I think this is an attempt to keep users tick on Live search, if they like the results they will return back. The idea is not bad but i have to wonder why to send users to different websites like getsearchperks or winwithsearch, why not they implement everything in Live Search.


The Contest will run from December 04, 2008 to January 03, 2009, if you want to win free talk time head over to Winwithsearch.